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Tonnara di Marzamemi

Tonnara di Marzamemi, Sicily

The small village of Marzamemi is one of the best known and most charming places in Sicily.
The history of thisseaside village begins with its tonnara, in 1752. It was then, in fact, that the Palazzo del Principe di Villadorata and the Church of the Tonnara were built.
The Tonnara of Marzamemi, is one of the oldest and most important Sicilian tuna factories.
Available for private and public events, the Loggia and the courtyard of the Palace belong to the family Bonaccorsi.
The Loggia, that originally served as shelter for the large tonnara boats, the "scieri", is a large hall about 750 square meters (300 square yards) wide, supported by ancient tufa arches and overlooks the sea and the old fishermen's harbour. The Loggia is equipped with all the facilities and spaces needed for catering.
The Loggia leeds directly to a private courtyard that opens through an ancient doorway to the magnificent Regina Margherita square, the center of the small hamlet of Marzamemi. Under the trees of the courtyard and in the adjacent rooms you can integrate events with additional opportunities for meetings and sociability.

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