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Palazzo Margherita, Basilicata

A real gem, hidden in one of the most unexplored regions of Italy, Basilicata.
Bernalda is a small and authentic village located in the province of Matera, famous for its ancient cave dwellings, dramatic landscapes and historic houses, Bernalda is relatively unknown outside of Italy. It is located just ten minutes from the coast, where miles of white sand beaches line the Mediterranean. While nearby Puglia has also become very popular with foreigners, Basilicata remains a place for a few, looking for a hidden corner of Italy that is still well preserved. Palazzo Margherita, is owned by the Coppola family, who a few years ago decided to restore the beautiful family home and transform it into a luxurious palace with only 9 suites. It is perfect for intimate weddings, where the sense of "family and friends" has an authentic meaning. it is necessary to book the entire hotel (9 suites) for at least three nights, to enjoy the true luxury of being in a splendid residence in a wonderful region, waiting to be discovered.
The house, called the Palazzo, is surrounded by gardens, a courtyard and a swimming pool, all within walking distance of a small and lively village where the visitor is considered a friend rather than a tourist. Francis Ford Coppola wanted to maintain that sense of familiarity that belongs to his Italian heritage.
A perfect place for any type of gatherings. For private parties or intimate weddings this is a place that will steal your heart.

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